Desert tours Marrakech

Marrakech is “the touristic capital” of Morocco. Marrakech is the 4th largest city in Morocco. It is known for its gardens, its palaces, its many souks, the minaret of the mosque of Koutoubia, the Place Jemaa el Fna …

Marrakech is also a starting point for many Sahara desert trips and Morocco desert tours that will take you to M’hamid El Ghizlane, Erg Chegaga and Erg Chebbi (Merzouga). Your Marrakech desert tour will also allow you to visit South Morocco.

The Marrakech desert tour will take you to the Sahara desert.
Golden dunes, a camel ride, an unforgettable sunset, one or more nights in a Sahara desert camp in the company of Saharawi nomads. In the evening, around the campfire, let yourself be transported by the magic of the starry sky only seen in the desert and rhythms of traditional music! But the desert is not told, there would be so much to say … a Morocco desert trip from Marrakech will allow you to live it.


The Morocco desert tour from Marrakech: a Morocco discovery trip

Extraordinary views are offered by the High Atlas Mountains. But also by the Anti Atlas which changes immediately the atmosphere and announces Great South Morocco. The relief of the mountains changes. The red and yellow ocher color of the Anti-Atlas creates a beautiful contrast with the green of the palm groves that succeed one another. The architecture of the kasbahs of southern Morocco with its geometric shapes gives a special charm to your Marrakech desert trip. In the Drâa Valley, you are on a part of the road of a thousand kasbahs. Your Sahara desert tour will also take you on the old road of the merchant caravaneers. Your Marrakech tour to the Sahara desert will make you visit Tamnougalt ksar, Tamgrout pottery workshops famous throughout Morocco, …

We can organize a Marrakech Sahara desert tour with a camel trekking 
The landscapes of the Morocco desert are incredibly varied and a hike in the Sahara makes it possible to discover the treasures of the Morocco desert. Walk, climb the dunes of the Sahara and look at the landscapes that unfold around you in an immutable silence.

A Marrakech desert trip transports you to the heart of the Sahara and its most beautiful dunes: Erg Chegaga, Mhamid, Merzouga

A Morocco desert tour from Marrakech can be personalized and tailor-made. Our Sahara desert trips are organized Morocco touristic tours that offer you all the comfort and serenity to discover the desert. Your Morocco desert tour may include activities like quad biking, sandboarding, tea with locals, cooking classes …

Marrakech Zagora 2 days

Morocco Sahara desert trips from Marrakech
Let the magic of South Morocco and the Draa Valley carry you! Cross the Atlas mountains to discover the Sahara. Enjoy a 2-day Sahara desert tour from Marrakech during your Morocco holidays.

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Marrakech Merzouga 3 days

Morocco desert tours
Marrakech to Merzouga tour for 3 days. This is a 4X4 Morocco tour to Erg Chebbi. Enjoy beautiful landscapes during the trip and spend overnight in a Merzouga desert camp. Sahrawi traditional music.

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Marrakech Erg Chegaga 3 days

Marrakech desert tours
The Erg Chigaga dunes are known in Morocco to be one of the biggest in this part of the Sahara. Enjoy a 3-day Marrakech Sahara trip to Erg Chigaga. Morocco private tour or a group trip.

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Marrakech M'hamid 3 days

Desert tours Marrakech
What to do in Marrakech? And if you decide to do a tour to the Sahara from Marrakech for 3 days? You will discover the golden dunes of the Morocco desert and spend an overnight in a Sahara desert camp. Enjoy immersion in the local culture.

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Marrakech Erg Chigaga 4 days

Marrakech Sahara tours
If you want to spend 4 days to explore the Sahara with family or friends, this tour is for you! This Morocco Sahara desert trip is from Marrakech. Visit Erg Chigaga, do a camel ride, spend a night in the desert...

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Marrakech M'hamid 4 days

Marrakech Sahara tours
If you plan a Morocco stay, don't forget to include a Morocco desert tour from Marrakech. A 4-day activity for your holidays in Morocco. The discovery of the Sahara is more than a trip, it's a desert adventure!

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Marrakech Erg Chegaga 5 days

Marrakech desert camel trips
Marrakech Sahara tour to Erg Chigaga for 5 days. Ideal for those who want to travel to Morocco. Discovery of many touristic places and the Sahara. Enjoy Morocco desert experience and learn more about nomads!

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Marrakech Sahara 7 days

Marrakech Sahara trip
Enjoy one week Marrakech Sahara tour! This long Morocco desert tour will allow you to discover many places. Visit the Sahara. You will spend nights in the desert in different places and enjoy a camel ride in Erg Chigaga.

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Tailor made tour Marrakech

Tailor-made desert tours Morocco
A tailor-made Marrakech desert trip is a program that you choose! How many days, the activities to practice in the desert... We can help you to organize this Morocco private tour.

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