Camel Trek Morocco

Cheap Trekking in Desert Morocco


About us My name is Mohamed Naji After more then twenty years of experience organizing tours, I started my own company; Camel Trek Morocco. I was born in the desert, my family were nomads and we lived near Chegaga until I hadto go to school. At the age of 13 I  started to help my family take care of the camels they used fortrekkings and assisted as a guide on those trekkings. I know the desert area of hamidvery well. Later I worked for agencies in Ouarzazate. I did trekkings to M'hamid, Merzouga andbecause the mountains are close, I did a lot of guiding there as well. (Dades and TodraGorges,  Valley  of  the  Roses,  Anti  Atlas,  and  lots  of  other  beautiful  hikes  fromMarrakech to waterfalls, and mountain peaks). You coould say I know the southern partof Morocco very well. I would love to show you its beauty.Nowadays most people choose for short stays and trekkings with fourwheeldrives (4x4).Frankly, I myself like the trekkings by foot much better. It may be the nomad in me.This is the reason why I started my own business. By foot you can far better see, hearand feel the nature around you. I can tell you about animal tracks, plants, how to work with your camel, how to survivein the dessert or mountains. You can learn how to make bread baked in sand, cook yourmeal on a real fire. Stay overnight with nomads. A lot is possible!Because  I  work  together  with  other  guides  and  nomads,  I  can  plan  every  kind  oftrekking with you, wherever you want. Some trekkings however, are not possible inevery season of the year, so please check that before you book your trip. I am always available for questions,  information and advice via the website but notalways by phone. On some trips there is not everywhere a telephone connection, sosometimes it may take a few days before I can answer.