Camel Trek Morocco

Cheap Trekking in Desert Morocco


Type: Trekking | Duration: 3 days, 2 nights | City of departure: Merzouga| Destination city: Oasis - Aznigi | Accommodation: Camp | Meals: Board complet | Price: good price.

Day 1: Departure from the hotel and hike to the Oasis of Merzouga
After breakfast and having saddled camels, we go through the desert to an isolated oasis. Lunch is a long pause picnic in the shade. We then continue through the dunes and get to the Oasis of Merzouga in time to get on the main dune (150m) and see the sunset. In the Oasis, we spend the night in a nomad tent after dinner and an evening around the campfire, listening to the rhythms of the drums. The desert sky is incomparable. You will see the stars and the moon as never before. You can ski or ride a snowboard in the dunes (optional, on request).

Day 2: Oasis - Aznigi
After breakfast we drive to 2:30 pm and arrive for lunch at an oasis. We then continue to Aznigi where you can meet a Berber family living the desert and share their dinner. Optionally you can sleep in the house, in a small tent, where even the stars. The evening meal is a traditional couscous, handmade by the women of the house. You can see the difference between the Berber customs and those of their cousins ​​the Tuareg.

Day 3: Aznigi - Back at the Palais des Dunes
After breakfast you continue through the desert to a first village (Tamardanit) and then to the abandoned village of French MIFISS. There you can visit the mines. You will then end the day in a village Gnawa, where you are regaled couscous and listen to Gnawa music. After tea, around 17h, you go back towards the Hotel du Palais des Dunes, where you spend last night.



Our rates vary depending on many parameters like the season , places visited , means of transport chosen , the number of people participating in the circuit ...