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Our agency in M’hamid

Our company is located in M’hamid, in southern Morocco.

M’hamid is southwest of Ouarzazate, about 260 km.

We work mainly in two areas:

  • Our first specialty is the Moroccan desert.

Our team of local nomads knows the desert of the Sahara perfectly. Our guides were born and have grown in the desert. Thanks to their knowledge of the desert, its conditions and its most beautiful dunes, you will enjoy a unique trip, safe and in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

We offer trekking options in the desert to discover the Sahara for a few days, while respecting the environment and in a way that allows you to enjoy it without rushing. Just advance to the pace of the caravan that makes its way into the desert … take the time to watch the sunset.

We also offer day trips in the Sahara, as well as Morocco desert tours with the possibility of sleeping in the desert.

We have our own nomadic desert camp at 6km from the village where you can spend an excellent stay in the Moroccan desert.

  • We also organize classic tours and excursions throughout Morocco

We offer tours and day trips from all major cities in Morocco. We also work to develop customized and tailor-made circuits according to your needs and desires.

Nomads SaharaMohamed Naji, manager of MP SAHARA TOURS

Mohamed was born in the Morocco desert, in a nomad’s family. During his childhood, his family lived near Chegaga before settling later in the village of Mhamid. Very young, Mohamed begins to help the elders to take care of the camels. He also learns to orient himself in the Sahara, to know the desert well. As a teenager, he chose to use his knowledge in the service of people who came to visit Morocco and wanted to do a Morocco camel trek in the desert of the Sahara. He guides them in the desert. Originally from Mhamid, he knows the secrets of the Sahara. He regularly goes hiking camel several days. He prepares the camp with nomadic tents, fire, meals…

Beyond his nomadic origins, Mohamed’s curiosity and his desire to know all the corners of his country will encourage him to travel all over Morocco. For more than 20 years, he shows people eager to know Morocco, the beauty of the desert and of his country, accompanying them during their stay in the Sahara, in the north and south of Morocco, in the Atlas Mountains, on the Atlantic coast… Mohamed has a solid experience in the organization of treks, tours and excursions in Morocco. Today, Mohamed shares the beautiful adventure of the Camel Trek Morocco project with his brothers and other experienced guides.

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