Morocco desert tours: make a memorable adventure

Morocco desert tours

Why choose Morocco for a desert tour? A few hours from Europe, Morocco is a nearby destination. Even if the most touristic point of the country remains Marrakech, the country has several international airports: Agadir, Ouarzazate, Fez, Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier, Dakhla … Morocco welcomes every year many Europeans and holidaymakers from other continents. The country has so much to offer foreigners in search of discoveries and adventures. Medinas, mountains, the aroma of spices, the Saharan dunes … It has many assets that will not leave indifferent tourists. To discover the originality of the country, visitors will be able to experience a night under the stars in the Sahara Desert.

One of the most original experiences to live in Morocco, a country that does not fail to offer many surprises to those who are curious to discover, remains the journey in the Moroccan desert. This trip can take different forms but most often that of Morocco desert tours that will take you to the Sahara to spend magical moments! The Morocco desert tour is a journey of discovery, adventure, authenticity, and human encounters.

Discover the Sahara through the Morocco desert tour and spend a night under the stars

A stay in Morocco promises many experiences and memorable images. It allows you to soak up the culture of a refined and original people. The Morocco desert tour allows to discover a natural place of exceptional beauty and to meet the nomadic culture.
Like the others Africa tours (safari etc.), the trip in the Moroccan Sahara can also be an opportunity to feel an adventure.

The Morocco desert trip includes guided tours on the way to the desert and one or more nights on-site, in a nomadic desert camp. This allows to discover very different places and make a first acquaintance with the Moroccan desert. Activities can be planned on-site, in the Sahara, a camel ride, the sunset on the golden dunes, quad or sandboarding. Even more original activities like learning African drumming or knowing how to prepare local recipes to make the trip unique and authentic. The Morocco tour can be personalized according to your wishes.

To make their trip even more adventurous, some will decide to go on a camel trek in the Moroccan desert. As the tour, the desert trek Morocco has a duration that can go from 3 days to several days. Hiking in the Sahara will change the air and recharge while enjoying the sandy and rocky landscapes stretching as far as the eye can see. It’s up to you to discover the most beautiful dunes in the Moroccan desert!

The Moroccan desert is a perfect playground for an adventure off the beaten path. It offers an unprecedented experience in an exotic environment. Various formulas allow you to enjoy the beauty of the Sahara desert. From the trip with a night in the heart of larger Moroccan dunes to treks of several days, the possibilities are not lacking. Moreover, it is quite possible to carry out the activity with your family. Note that the nature of the desert goes from sand to stone fields, called “hamadas”. In oases embellished with palm trees, the visit of the typical villages seems unavoidable. The meeting with nomads will not leave indifferent travelers.

Tips for a successful trip to the Sahara Desert

To come to the Moroccan desert, it is not mandatory to go through an agency. However, for hiking in the desert or for any other activity, it is essential to be accompanied by people familiar with the Sahara. Do not hesitate to inquire about the equipment to take with you for the trekking in the Moroccan desert and also on the conditions of accommodation. Know that the Moroccan desert offers all the necessary comfort and that you can choose to sleep in an ordinary Morocco Sahara desert camp or in a luxury nomadic camp. Luxury trekking or luxury tour programs can also be developed on demand.

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Sandboarding Sahara : everything about it!

sandboarding sahara

Sandboarding in the Sahara during your holidays in Morocco: this is a rather original idea! If on the occasion of your stay in Morocco, you have decided to take a tour or an excursion in the Moroccan desert, you can enjoy one to two hours of sandboarding in the Sahara. In this article, we give you all the information on this activity to practice on the hot sand.

Sandboarding in the desert: an activity for everyone

Sandboarding can be practiced by anyone who loves sport, regardless of age. It is a sporting and fun activity that is practiced with two or more! It is enough to be brave enough to go up on the dunes, in the desert, there are no lifts …

What exactly is sandboarding?

This is a similar activity to snowboarding. The difference is mainly due to the fact that the sandboard is practiced on the sand and the dunes of the desert while snowboarding in the snow. Sandboarding is in a way, surfing on the dunes!

What is the material necessary to practice this activity?

The equipment is provided by us (snowboard). It is advisable to envisage long clothes. At which time of the day to practice the sandboard It is recommended to practice this activity at the end of the day. And this for two main reasons: the first is that on the hot sand we slide better and the second is that the sun will be much less strong.

Where can you practice this activity in the Moroccan desert?

Some places are particularly suitable because of the height of the dunes. You can go sandboarding if you make a tour to Merzouga or an excursion to Erg Chegaga. The activity of sandboarding can be practiced in addition to other activities during your desert tour Morocco or during your excursion in the Sahara. You can combine it with a camel ride, a 4×4 excursion in the desert or a stay in a desert camp. If you are a fan of adventure, also think of activities like quad or buggy in the Moroccan desert.

Include this activity in a tour or a desert tour Morocco

Your trip to the Moroccan desert can also include a trip to a nomadic camp, one or two days of camel trek Morocco with an excursion to Erg Chegaga and sandboarding on site. We can imagine different Morocco desert tours or desert excursions including the desired activities. Everything depends on your desires and the way you want to organize your trip to Morocco.


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Morocco camel trek 3 days : how to choose ?

Sahara camel trekking tour Morocco

That’s it, you have decided to make camel trek Morocco 3 days. A Sahara camel trekking of 3 days has several advantages. First, the short duration of trekking in the Sahara allows you to have time to do other activities in the desert or elsewhere in Morocco. In addition, it is a cheap Morocco desert trek because of its duration and therefore very affordable for your travel budget. Not to mention that the desert camel trek of 3 days can already discover different faces of the desert and go on an adventure ! It’s about making a first acquaintance with the desert, to decompress, to have fun simply. Which program to choose for the Sahara camel trekking tour 3 days? Here are our tips.

Morocco camel trekking 3 days from M’hamid

If you have chosen to leave for your Morocco desert trek 3 days from M’hamid, several possibilities are available to you as to the chosen program. Remember that the journey between Marrakech and M’hamid is about 10h and it is about 5h from Ouarzazate. The duration of the trip is very similar to that to reach Merzouga.

What can you visit during your  3 days Morocco desert hike from M’hamid ?

You can opt for a combined Sahara camel trekking program. You will trek on the first day and sleep in the desert. The 2nd day you go to Erg Chegaga in 4X4. You will spend the day in Chegaga. On the third day, you return to M’hamid. In this program, the day in Chegaga and the camel ride in the largest dunes in Morocco are very popular. Like, moreover, the night at the bivouac Erg Chegaga.

You can also take a program that will take you to the dunes of Krayaat Jmal, then to the dunes of Erg Khnata, … you enjoy a multitude of landscapes in the desert … dunes and plateaus follow one another to make you discover the different faces of the desert. An unforgettable experience with two nights in the Sahara.

Or, leave for Ouled Driss and Lahnaniche, before continuing your camel trek Morocco 3 days to Oum Mazmou and return to M’hamid. Also know that you can visit Erg Lihoudi, go through Rass’n Khlal, … it is possible to customize your program. If you enjoy your stay in the Moroccan desert, you can extend it with one night in a desert camp in M’hamid.

Short Sahara camel trekking tour program from Merzouga

Erg Chebbi or the Merzouga dunes, are one of the must-see places to visit in the Morocco desert. Why is it so famous ? The dunes of Merzouga are, with the Erg Chegaga dunes, the largest of the Moroccan Sahara. And certainly the most remarkable ! At Erg Chebbi, we find dunes that can reach 150 meters high.

The village of Merzouga is located between the Algerian border and the Ziz Valley. To arrive at Erg Chebbi, you will pass by Rissani, formerly, oasis and important point for the caravans that crossed the desert of the Sahara. To reach Merzouga and make a Morocco camel trekking 3 days in Erg Chebbi, it will take about ten hours from Marrakech or Fez. If you leave Ouarzazate, it will take 5:30 to 6 hours of travel. Our advice is therefore to try to arrive the day before and sleep on the spot the night before your trek. You will then leave for a 3-day Moroccan desert hike in the Erg Chebbi dunes. You will enjoy breathtaking landscapes and the hospitality of your nomadic guides.

Overnight stays in desert camp or hotel in Merzouga are very popular. Moreover, whatever the chosen destination, M’hamid or Merzouga, know that it is possible to provide a private transfer or to travel by bus.

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Luxury camel trekking Morocco and classic desert hiking : what differences ?

luxury camel trekking Morocco

Did you know that the Morocco desert camel trek is also available in luxury formula ? You must certainly ask yourself what are the differences between the luxury Morocco desert trek and a classic Sahara camel trekking tour program… We give you the answer in this article. Who knows, maybe next time you go for a luxury camel trek in the Morocco desert !

Morocco luxury camel trek : more camels compose the caravane

During a classic Morocco camel trek, the caravan is made up of a number of camels equal to the number of participants, sometimes with one or two more camels. These camels are, in general, loaded with provisions necessary for the duration of the Sahara camel trekking. Camels also carry equipment and belongings of participants. The Morocco luxury camel trekking is distinguished on this point of the classic desert trek. In addition to the camels loaded with the necessary provisions and equipment, an additional camel is provided for each of the participants. It’s an uncharged camels.

Morocco camel trekking : private tents in both formulas

If you opt for the luxury trek in the Moroccan desert, know that you will enjoy a private tent for your nights in the Sahara. As part of a classic camel trek Morocco, the tent is also private. On this point, no difference between the two programs.

tajine Maroc, trek désert maroc luxeLuxury camel trek Morocco : varied meals

During a Morocco luxury camel trekking, you will have more choices as to the meal that will be served in the desert. You will have four or five different kinds of dishes (tajine, kebab, salads, …). As part of a classic trek the provisions are always sufficient and the food delicious. However, there are usually two kinds of dishes. The difference lies therefore only in the variety of meals and not in the quality. Some agencies will offer more varieties even for the classic Morocco desert hike.

Classic trekking programs or luxury Sahara tours : how to choose ?

The choice of your camel trek depends on the level of comfort you want to have in the desert and the price you are willing to pay for your Sahara camel trekking tour. You can book the Morocco luxury desert trekking tour to offer or afford to special occasions (birthday, or other).

Know that :

  • It is always possible to customize the itinerary of your hike in the Moroccan desert either as part of a classic trek or a luxury Sahara trekking program ;
  • Travel operators tailor meals to your diet in the setting for a classic Morocco camel trek and for luxury desert trekking (vegetarian, vegan, …).
  • You can opt for a classic Morocco desert hike and spend one or two nights in a luxury desert camp (usually the night before departure or the last night). Overnight stay in a luxury desert camp in the Morocco desert allows you to have all the necessary comfort. Spacious tent with quality bedding, rich decoration, private bathroom and shower. Not to mention the quality meals or the evening with traditional music !

It is also possible to combine the Morocco luxury desert trekking tour with one night in a luxury desert camp. Or with a night in a classic nomadic camp. It all depends on how you want to spend your time in the desert ! For a tailor-made luxury trekking program, contact us.

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Camel trek Morocco : what price ? How much does it cost ?

morocco camel trekking price

What is the average price for a Morocco desert camel trek ? The price of hiking in the Moroccan desert is variable but according to what criteria ? Cheap desert Morocco camel trekking tours, how to choose your agency ? What is the price of the luxury Morocco camel trekking? Here are some questions that hikers ask themselves naturally before choosing their Sahara trek. We give you some answers in this article.

How much does it cost a Morocco camel trek ?

What is the average price of the Morocco camel trek ? How much does it cost the desert camel trekking in Morocco ? The price of Morocco desert trek varies according to several elements.

trekking Sahara MarocThe first element that determines the price of the Morocco Sahara camel trekking tour is probably the pricing policy of the agency to which you address. Some tourism operators in the sector apply rates in the low range (about thirty euros by trekking day in the Sahara). Other agencies apply rates that can double or even triple that price. Thus, the Morocco desert trekking day can be charged at about a hundred euros, or even more, for the high range. Most often, the price of Morocco desert hiking is between 45 € and 65 € per day. As we have said, this depends for a great deal on the prices charged by the agency in question and which corresponds, in fine, to the services offered.

Another element that plays undeniably for setting the price of the camel trek Morocco : the season (high or low for the activity) during which you want to make your desert trip. Seasonality is a factor in determining the price of trekking in the Sahara. Several local operators thus review their price downward or upward depending on the period of time.

Another point to mention : the price of your Morocco desert camel trek will not be the same (in most cases) if you leave individually or if you go in small groups. The greater the number of people participating in the group, the more you can expect a reduction on the individual rate.

Needless to say, the luxury desert desert Morocco has a higher price than the traditional trek because of the services offered. Learn more.

Cheap Morocco desert camel trek : how to choose ?

prix trek désert MarocCheap desert Morocco, our advice to choose your program :

  • Before booking your camel trek Morocco, ask what is included in the price of the desert desert that you have found. This will save you from bad surprises on the spot.
  • The search for a cheap trekking program should not be an excuse to make a pass, for example, on the number of guides that will accompany you.
  • Check the conditions of the Morocco camel trekking. Ask for several quotes before you make your choice.

To know : the less the duration of your Sahara trekking will be long, the less the price of the trek will be high. So, a cheap Morocco desert trek could be a Morocco 2 day desert trekking program or a 3 day camel desert trek.

What is the key to find the Morocco desert hike that suits you ?

The price comparison of the Morocco camel trek will allow you to find a hike depending on the budget you have planned. Often, the price is not the only criterion that comes into account for the choice of agency : trust, clarity, programs offered, responsiveness and professionalism are all elements that count to find the desert trek Morocco that suits you!

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Yoga Morocco desert and trek : find physical and mental well-being

yoga Morocco desert trek

Yoga desert Morocco and trek : and if it was the winning combination for a well-being physical as well as mental ? We bet that’s the case ! There are many ways to organize a yoga class in the Morocco desert. The practice of yoga in the Morocco desert can focus essentially on accommodation (fixed desert camp) or on the surrounding dunes (learn more about this program). But it is also possible to devote one to two days during the course to a camel trek in the desert. The Morocco desert trek fits perfectly into the program ! Discover why !

Camel trek Morocco : when to do during the yoga class ?

The Morocco camel trekking can be practiced at the beginning of the yoga class. After a first night in the desert in a fixed desert camp, the next day, after a first session of yoga on the spot, the participants, accompanied by Sahrawi nomads, leave for the camel ride. The dromedaries, loaded with the necessary equipment and provisions, form the caravan which advances according to their cadenced rhythm through the dunes of the Sahara. Participants in the course will benefit to perform a walk in silence or singing. The camel trek in the desert will make them discover different landscapes. After a break at noon, in the shade of tamarisks and a delicious lunch, in the afternoon, the Morocco desert trek continues through the dunes. The participants will thus benefit from a few extra hours of walking in a virgin nature, surrounded by silence. In the evening, arrive at the place chosen for the installation of the mobile desert camp where the practice of yoga will be done during the next 3 days. The 6th day, (day before the departure) is also devoted to the Sahara trekking. It’s about taking the road back to our fixed desert camp. See our program.

Morocco camel desert : between physical activity and meditation “in motion”

The Morocco desert trek during a yoga or meditation training is more than beneficial for two main reasons. The hike is primarily a physical exercise that helps us to keep fit. Trekking and hiking have the following virtues for our health and for our well-being :

  • improvement of blood circulation and heart function,
  • strengthening of muscle mass,
  • work of joints and back,
  • improvement of breathing,
  • additional source energy for our body;

In addition to all the benefits of hiking that is also found when practiced in the desert, walking can be used to make a meditation “in motion”. One thinks in particular of the silent meditative walk, the singing walk, … and why not a meditation on the back of the camels ? To breathe the air of the Sahara, to look at the clear horizon, the uncluttered landscapes, it leads us naturally to the meditation which is almost always an integral part of yoga courses in the Moroccan desert.

Trek and yoga in the Moroccan desert: well-being and ressourcement

As we have just seen, the trek is an activity that is more than suitable for a Morocco desert yoga training. In addition to being a simple physical exercise, trekking is ideal for both physical and mental well-being. The camel trek can also be used as a privileged moment to practice meditation. No need to do a program in advance, the meditation practices can be decided according to the moments that are presented to you ! The hike in the desert will offer you several opportunities, it’s up to you to seize the good ones and enjoy it. One thing is certain, at the end of your Morocco desert yoga course, well-being and healing will be at the rendez-vous !

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Yoga Morocco desert : all about our courses

yoga morocco desert

Yoga Morocco desert : why the desert to do a yoga and meditation workshop ? This is certainly the first question we must answer ! There are no specific places to practice yoga, however, we will agree that the natural sites are particularly suitable for yoga and meditation. There is nothing better than to devote yourself to the harmony of your body and your mind in front of landscapes inspiring calm and immensity … in front of the beauty of what nature has created. There are destinations that, because of their natural sites, their cultural or historical particularities inspire us to practice yoga.

The desert of Morocco : a dream place for yoga courses

If India is the birthplace of yoga, several other destinations offer breathtaking scenery for this practice. The Morocco desert is one of those destinations with idyllic panoramic views that make us dream. The Sahara, its sand dunes as far as the eye can see, its hamadas, its stars, its nomads …

The Morocco desert is characterized by the impression of immensity to which it refers, it is a place where silence and calm reign. The cleared horizon presents us with one of the most beautiful spectacles of the nature : a sunset with the unique colors, almost like a mirage … which plays with the color of the surrounding dunes. At night, it is the stars that make the Sahara magic. The yoga Morocco  desert allows you to completely disconnect from everyday life and equipment, to take time for yourself, to meditate, to make a spiritual journey, to regain physical and mental well-being.

This original and unique experience allows us to meet the Self, our truth, our answers, to see more clearly our way and to meditate. Yoga exercises, meditation and relaxation, walking in the desert mingle perfectly for a guaranteed well-being.

The programs of yoga courses in the Moroccan desert in detail

This year, we offer four periods of yoga courses in the Sahara :

19th to 25 th of October 2019 (Lucie MALAPEL & J.-F. DESCAMPS),
20th to  26th of October 2019 (Dominique SCHMIT),
16th to 22th of November 2019 (Lucie MALAPEL & J.-F. DESCAMPS),
23th to 29th of December 2019 (Solange DELAHAYE) ;

These courses are open to beginners and those who practice yoga on a regular basis. These are 7-day yoga courses. All proposed Morocco desert yoga courses focus on :

  • Physical and mental fitness through proper exercises and postures,
  • Muscle toning and flexibility,
  • Control of breathing,
  • Stress eradication and relaxation,
  • Resourcing,
  • Relaxation,
  • Awakening of the senses, emotions,
  • Introspection
  • General well-being.

Yoga workshop “From the singing of stars to the chorus of the Self” – Solange DELAHAYE, 23th to 29th of  December 2019

Day 1 : Transfer from the arrival city.

Day 2 to 5 : practice yoga Morocco desert

One hour and half in the morning before breakfast and a session of one hour and half in the afternoon.

Half an hour at the end of each session is reserved for meditation. Between sessions possibility to go for a hike in the desert (with picnic) or free activities. Sunset on the dunes, dinner around the fire.

Day 6 : Free activities

This last day of your Morocco desert yoga training is devoted to free activities. In the afternoon, camel ride  in the desert for 1h30 – 2h. Evening with traditional music at the desert camp and dinner.

Day 7 : Departure to Marrakech or Ouarzazate.


Yoga training “A path to self” – Lucie Malapel and Jean-François Descamps, Oct. 19-25, 2019 & Nov. 16 to 22, 2019

Day 1 : Transfer from the arrival city.

Day 2 to 5 : practice yoga Morocco desert

Awakening session of 1h30 in the morning before breakfast. In the afternoon, a deepening session of a 1h30 yoga technique. Between sessions possibility to go for a hike in the desert (with picnic) or free activities. In the evening, an hour of meditation. Sunset on the dunes, dinner around the fire. Two massages per participant during the course. As well as a session of osteopathy in preventive and a coaching hygiene of life.

Day 6 : Free activities

This last day of your Morocco desert yoga training is devoted to free activities. In the afternoon, ride camels in the desert for 1h30 – 2h. Evening with traditional music at the bivouac and dinner.

Day 7 : Departure to Marrakech or Ouarzazate.


Yoga Workshop “Saharan Immensity, Precious Consciousness” – Dominique SCHMIT, Oct. 20-26, 2019

Day 1 : Transfer from the arrival city.

Day 2 to 5 : practice yoga Morocco desert

  • simple postural work, and deeper on demand,
  • guided sessions,
  • centering,
  • Pranayama,
  • educational sessions,
  • relaxations,
  • silent meditations, silent walks or singing,
  • meals in full awareness ;

After the sessions, you can go hiking in the desert (with picnic) or free activities. Sunset on the dunes, dinner around the fire.

Day 6 : Free activities

This last day of your Morocco desert yoga training is devoted to free activities. In the afternoon, ride camels in the desert for 1h30 – 2h. Evening with traditional music at the bivouac and dinner.

Day 7 : Departure to Marrakech or Ouarzazate.

*What is included in the price of the yoga course:
  • overnight stays at the bivouac full board (only the lunch of the day of arrival and the lunch / dinner of the day of departure are excluded),
  • camel ride, 
  • outings in the desert, supervised by a local guide,
  • animation of the yoga course,
  • transfer back and forth to the bivouac (bus or private minibus).

The price does not include the plane ticket.

Practical arrangements : transfer to the Morocco desert

Depending on the city of arrival Marrakech or Ouarzazate, the transfer to the desert is provided (by bus or private minibus).

The stay in the Sahara

 The yoga class in the Morocco desert takes place in our desert camp, 5 km from the village of M’hamid.

M’hamid is the last village before the desert. This is the last oasis in the Drâa Valley.

Why did you choose this place?

Our desert camp is ideally located. A few kilometers from the village, no light or sound pollution disturbs the silence and brilliance of the stars during the night. At the same time, given the distance, the village remains very accessible throughout the period of the yoga course.

Temperatures in the desert during the months of October, November and December

For the month of October, it is necessary to count on minimum temperatures between 17 ° and 19 ° and for the maximum between 30 ° -33 °. In November, the temperatures are very pleasant between 25 ° to 28 ° during the day. In December, the maximum temperatures are between 22 ° and 23 °, 24 °. Beware of the difference between the daily temperature and the temperature at night in December.

Who are your hosts on site?

On site, you will be accompanied by Sahrawi nomads from M’hamid or the region.

Mohamed, Saïd, Younass and other Saharawis on site will reserve the best welcome and ensure that you miss nothing. They will tell you about the traditions and their culture around the fire or during your trips in the desert.

What comfort should you expect during the yoga class in the desert ?

In our desert camp, where the courses take place, the accommodation is in nomadic tents that host several participants in the course. It is also possible to benefit from a private tent on demand. The tents are equipped with comfortable bedding, blankets, sheets and towels. The desert camp is equipped with toilets and walk-in showers with hot water.

On the menu, you will have : salads, tajines, couscous, seasonal fruits … We respect the particular diets (vegetarian, …). We provide equipment for picnics in the desert.

Is there any specific equipment to provide for your Morocco desert yoga training ?

You will need to provide a pharmacy kit, sandals and walking shoes, loose and long clothes, a fleece, anorak (if winter period), a headlamp, sunglasses, sunscreen, books ( if you want to read during your stay), camera, small backpack to put your stuff if you go walking in the desert.

You want to ask questions to the yoga practitioners ? Or for your stay in the desert ?


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Camel trek Morocco : what to take ?

trek desert maroc

What equipment to take for a desert trek Morocco? What are the essentials for trekking in the Sahara?

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The best time to do a Morocco camel trek

Sahara camel trek

Can we do a Morocco desert trek every month of the year ? What is the best time for camel trekking in the Moroccan desert ? Be aware that during certain months (especially during the summer), it is not recommended to go for a camel trek in the Moroccan desert because of the relatively high temperatures. However, most of the year, you will enjoy a pleasant enough time to organize a Sahara camel trek.

The months when it’s good to go camel trekking in the Moroccan desert

You can do a Morocco desert trek from October to May, so 8 months out of 12.

This is the time of year that is recommended to discover the Moroccan desert on foot. During this period, there is no hot weather. The daily temperatures in the Sahara are pleasant and quite bearable for a walking activity (30 °-33 ° maximum during the hottest period-April, October) (17 ° to 19 ° minimum temperatures). Plan comfortable and rather long clothes to protect you from the sun. A turban is essential ! Also remember to take sunscreen if you have sensitive skin.

The month of May can be hot, the maximum temperatures can reach 36 ° in day.

In winter (December, January, February) the temperatures are very pleasant (22 ° -24 ° maximum during the day). (Up to 0 ° at night). A camel trek in the Moroccan desert can be easily practiced. This is the ideal season to do a hike on the dunes of Merzouga, Mhamid or Chegaga or discover them through a camel ride.

The days are sunny but beware, the nights are cool. Some days, it can rain in the desert during this period because the ocean brings some humidity. It should be noted that wind can be present too. To know that, according to the years, the months of December and January, can be cold and wet. It will be necessary to provide suitable equipment for your stay in the desert of Sahara. A fleece or even a warm jacket for evenings is very useful when temperatures drop.

The period from October to May is ideal for Morocco desert trips, treks, desert tours with overnight stays in nomadic tents, and excursions to the desert of Morocco.

Morocco desert trek from June to September

The annual period between June and September is not recommended for camel trekking in the Sahara. It’s 4 months that are very hot.

In June, the maximum temperature reaches 42 °, to pass in July and August to 46, even 48 °. These are quite high temperatures that are very difficult to bear when walking under a hot sun. That’s why we do not offer camel trekking trips in the Moroccan desert at this time of the year.

In September, the heat is still there (up to 39 °). However, in September, depending on the year, it is possible to do Morocco desert trek when this maximum temperature is not reached.

In summer, you can trek in the Atlas. It’s a good time to discover the mountains. Otherwise, you can opt for a tour in northern Morocco, imperial cities, or on the Atlantic coast.

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