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Morocco camel trek : all about the desert trekking

Camel trekking Morocco : what do we talk about ?

The Morocco camel  trek is a hike that will take you to discover the most beautiful dunes of the Sahara. The desert trekking Morocco or the Sahara camel trek is of a variable duration which is on average, between 2 days and 15 days. At the base, the word “trek” denotes “walking in the mountains”. It is also used today for hiking in the Morocco desert and other natural environments other than mountains. The trek in Morocco can be practiced also in mountain (Morocco Atlas trekking). During your Atlas trek, you will be accompanied by muleteers.

The trek is defined as a hike in a natural environment with wild areas and the course is punctuated by nights in camp. In the case of the Morocco desert trek, this is a hike in the Sahara Desert. You will cross ergs, regs and hamadas. The course is punctuated by overnight mobile nomadic desert camp mounted according to your progress in the desert.

The Morocco camel trek differs from other types of trek by the camel caravan accompanying participants during the hike in the Sahara.

The camels carry the necessary provisions. The trekker does not have a heavy load to wear by himself, just a small backpack. It is also possible to ride camels during the Sahara trekking. This allows you to alternate walking in the sand with a ride on the backs of camels. It is therefore possible to have respite moments. In addition, stops in the shade of tamarisk are planned on the course.

“The Morocco camel trek is a journey through pristine nature, surrounded by silence, dunes stretching out under the sun’s rays as far as the eye can see and an infinite blue sky.” The Sahara camel tour, it is the discovery of a particular environment but also the rediscovery of oneself while walking on the road of the caravans. Trekking in the Morocco desert is also breathtaking sunsets, a shining sky of all the stars, a campfire in the midst of the tents set up for the night, the music and the songs of the nomads.

What types of trek ? Can the trek be practiced by all of us ?

We can classify the treks in different categories according to the difficulty, the duration, the altitude, the weight of the bag, the degree of autonomy, the distance …

The level of difficulty of your Sahara trek will depend on the program of Morocco desert trekking that you have chosen. It is quite possible to adapt the Sahara camel trekking program according to the physical capacities of each and the group. If the walk becomes tiring, you can ride on the back of the camel.

The departure can be individual or in group (between 4 to 10 people).

The Morocco camel trek takes the form of a caravan with camels that carry the necessary equipment and supplies, which saves you from being loaded yourself.

However, it should be noted that walking in the sand is different from walking in the mountains or on flat and solid ground. Adapted equipment is thus to envisage for your camel trekking Morocco.

How to choose your Morocco camel trek ?

If you are a beginner or are not used to walking long distances, we advise you to take a short Sahara trekking program, between 2 to 3 days. Short trekking programs are available from M’hamid and Merzouga. The 5 days Morocco desert trek is also accessible at beginner and intermediate levels.

If you are experienced and you already know how to master your physical abilities, then you can opt for a program that will take you to the Morocco desert for 7, 10 or even 15 days.

Who are your guides for your Morocco camel trekking ?

The nomads of the Sahara, originating from the village of M’hamid and the surrounding area, will take care of the dromedaries throughout your desert trip Morocco. They will ride the mobile bivouac for the night and will guide you in the desert. They also take care of your safety. They are also responsible for preparing meals (they will make you taste the famous sand bread !). Moreover, you will be able to discuss their culture and lifestyle. The Morocco desert hike is more than a trek, it is also a cultural trip in an exceptional natural environment.

Your companions for your Morocco camel desert trek are the Bedouins (“inhabitants of the desert”, the Arab nomads who live in the desert of the Moroccan Sahara.)

“Erg, regs, dunes, oisis, hamadas, palm groves, your Morocco camel trekking tour will make you discover so many varied landscapes, imbued with the charm of the Sahara.” The hike in the desert of Morocco will make you meet the nomads, generous, attentive, warm, who will be your faithful companions during your stay in the Morocco desert. You will have the opportunity to discover the life of the nomads, their culture, at the same time as the Morocco desert and its wonders. Camels will also share the route with you during your Sahara trek. 

Temperatures in the Morocco desert

It is possible to do a Morocco camel trek from September to the end of May.

From June to August, temperatures are much too high for a hike in the Moroccan desert. They can reach 50 °.

During the period from September to May, the weather is pleasant.  The temperatures are pleasant during the day. It is important to pay attention to the change of temperature at night during the winter. There may be a considerable gap. Good equipment is needed then for this desert trip Morocco.

Morocco camel trekking equipment

The equipment needed for a Morocco desert trekking is very similar to the classic equipment for trekking. Comfortable shoes, backpack, … with a few differences : even when temperatures are high, you will need to cover yourself well to protect yourself from the sun. You will also have to put a turban for your Morocco camel trek. The nomads who will accompany you will teach you the different ways to tie it.

Here are our tips for a complete Morocco camel trekking equipment.

Morocco desert camp

The desert camp is a camping that allows you to spend the night in the desert.

There are two kinds of desert camping : the mobile camp during the hike in the Morocco desert for the night depending on the distance traveled. There is also the fixed desert camp. For your Sahara camel trekking, we provide the necessary equipment to the mobile camp (tents, blankets, …).

We also have a fixed desert camp with traditional nomadic tents that are located 6 kilometers from the village of M’hamid. Our Morocco desert camp allows you to spend the night before the departure for the trekking or a night with your return, in the desert but with a certain comfort. Our Sahara desert camping is located in a very quiet place. It is surrounded by dunes covered with tamarisk trees. The desert camp set in the desert is also a place to simply pass in the Sahara desert.

Camel trekking or a desert tour ? How to choose ?

What is the best way to discover the Sahara?

There are probably many ways to discover the Moroccan desert. One of them is to make a Morocco camel trekking in the Sahara. Through the desert hike, you will discover different places, landscapes and dunes. You will sleep for several nights in the desert, far from inhabited areas. The Morocco desert trek, however, requires some physical effort. This is a point not to be underestimated. Also note the adventurous side of this type of trip in the Moroccan desert. If you are comfortable with these two points, go for it ! Make your bag and choose your Sahara trekking program !

Those who see the trip in the Morocco desert rather as a part of the tour of Southern Morocco, the Draa Valley, Oasis, typical villages, should opt instead for a Morocco desert tour.

The Morocco desert trip is a set of discoveries during the tour to the Sahara. Often, it is punctuated by several stages with stops on the way. Once arrived in the desert, you will spend one or more nights in our desert camp in M’hamid. During your stay at the camping, you will have the opportunity to do a camel ride in the Sahara, to admire the beautiful sunset over the dunes, to make an excursion in 4X4 to Erg Chegaga, …

“Immerse yourself in the infinite silence, browse the golden dunes, admire the landscapes, meditate, sing around the fire, enjoy all the little moments of relaxation and happiness that your camel trek in the Morocco desert will offer you !” If you want to make an individualized Morocco camel trekking, do not hesitate to contact us. We will find together the formula that suits you and adapt the itinerary and duration of your Morocco desert trek. Enjoy a customized camel trekking program in the Sahara.