Camel trek Morocco

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Morocco desert trek : choose your program !

Camel Trek Morocco offers several trekking programs in the Moroccan desert. Short trekking programs : Morocco desert trek 3 days or 4 days. Medium camel trekking programs in the Sahara : 5 or 7 days. But also trekking formulas in the Moroccan desert longer : trek 9 or 15 days. You also choose the destination of your trek : the M’hamid desert, Erg Chebbi and Merzouga, or the dunes of Chegaga.

Camel trek Morocco : live an unique experience, discover the Sahara 

The Morocco desert trek is a trip to the heart of the Sahara Desert. Accompanied by local guides, discover the Moroccan desert for a few days !

To convince you, we have thought about how to present you Morocco desert trekking. There would be so much to say… instead of telling you about it, we decided to let you try, live, enjoy the trek in the desert of Morocco, and make it an unforgettable experience !

The Moroccan desert trip is a journey through pristine nature, surrounded by silence, dunes stretching out under the sun’s rays as far as the eye can see and an infinite blue sky.

The camel trek in the desert of Morocco, it is the discovery of a particular environment but also the rediscovery of oneself while walking on the road of the caravans. Trekking in the Moroccan desert is also breathtaking sunsets, a shining sky of all the stars, a campfire in the midst of the tents set up for the night, the music and the songs of the nomads.

Erg, regs, dunes, oisis, hamadas, palm groves, your Morocco camel desert trek will make you discover so many varied landscapes, imbued with the charm of the Sahara. The hike in the desert of Morocco will make you meet the nomads, generous, attentive, warm, who will be your faithful companions during your stay in the Moroccan desert. You will have the opportunity to discover the life of the nomads, their culture, at the same time as the Moroccan desert and its wonders. Camels will also share the route with you during your Sahara trek. Immerse yourself in the infinite silence, browse the golden dunes, admire the landscapes, meditate, sing around the fire, enjoy all the little moments of relaxation and happiness that your trek in the Moroccan desert will offer you !

If you want to make an individualized trekking, do not hesitate to contact us. We will find together the formula that suits you and adapt the itinerary and duration of your Morocco desert trek. Enjoy a customized camel trekking program in the Sahara.