Camel ride Morocco desert

During your stay in our Morocco desert camp in Mhamid, enjoy a camel ride in the desert.

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Camel excursion in the M’hamid desert

During your stay in the desert in our desert camp in Mhamid, enjoy a camel ride Morocco desert. Discover the beautiful dunes of the Sahara camel. Camel riding in the Morocco desert.


The camel ride in the Sahara is the activity to do if you make a stay in the Moroccan desert.

The camel riding can spread over a day. This activity allows to better discover the desert and its landscapes and to have lunch outdoors in the shade in the dunes of the Sahara.


We propose a formula including:

  • a night in our desert camp in Mhamid,
  • and a day-long activity including a camel tour in the desert.


Departure for the excursion with the camels in the morning. Lunch in the desert.

After this well-deserved break in the dunes, return to the desert camp in the afternoon.

This camel excursion Morocco desert in the Sahara will make you discover the dunes of the desert of Mhamid.


You go with your guides, local nomads, in the Sahara, at the pace of camels. The caravan will advance on the golden dunes covered with tamarisk. You will also go through flat places covered with stones (hamadas). The Morocco desert camel excursion allows for those who wish to walk in the desert for part of the day. This excursion makes it possible to imagine on the way of the old caravans which crossed the Sahara …

Dinner and overnight in our desert camp.


  • Where to find the turbans?

The camel excursion Morocco desert requires the wearing of a cap or a turban. Your guides will teach you to tie this accessory like a real nomad! You will find turbans in the village of M’hamid before departure for the excursion.


It is also possible to enjoy a walk in the desert with dromedaries lasting from 1h30 to 2h.

For this formula, as well as to know how to get to M’hamid, thank you for contacting us.


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