Camel trek 3 days Merzouga desert

Camel trek Morocco. Discover the desert of Merzouga. Desert trek 3 days. Sahara trekking.



Camel trek Morocco. Merzouga desert trek 3 days. Discovery of the Merzouga desert. Camel ride in the Moroccan desert. Trekking Sahara.

Program :

Day 1: Hike to the Oasis of Merzouga


Your guide picks you up at your hotel. He will bring you to sell the camels for your desert trek of 3 days. Your camel trek in the desert begins with a walk to the oasis of Merzouga. Once you arrive at a nearby oasis around noon, you’ll have a well-deserved lunch on site. You will enjoy a break in the shade to rest and enjoy the calm of the desert.


The camel trek in the Sahara then continues in the beautiful sand dunes. After spending a good part of the afternoon walking in the Moroccan desert, you will arrive at the Oasis of Merzouga at the end of the day, at the right moment to enjoy the beautiful sunset on the big dune high of about 150 m. After dinner, an evening around the campfire is planned, during which you can listen to the rhythms of the drums. You will spend the night in the Merzouga desert, in a typical nomad tent.


Day 2: Morocco Desert: Merzouga Oasis and Aznigi Desert


Breakfast is provided at the desert oasis of Merzouga. You will then resume your camel trek in the Sahara with your guide and the camels to the desert of Aznigi. At noon, break and picnic in an oasis. Your hike in the Moroccan desert will then take you to Aznigi. A typical Berber dinner is planned and the meeting with nomads with whom you will share the meal. You will spend a second night in the Merzouga desert, sheltered under a tent or directly under the stars.


Day 3: Aznigi desert – return to Merzouga desert-last day of your camel trek Morocco


Breakfast is served in Aznigi, in the Moroccan desert. You will then resume your trekking in the Merzouga desert. During your camel trek in the desert of Sahara, you will visit some villages: first Tamardanit, then Mifiss (and its old mines), then Gnawa. Dinner will be served in Gnawa. The discovery of the Merzouga desert ends as well and your guide will accompany you after traditional tea to your hotel.


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