Camel trekking Morocco 4 days

Camel trekking Morocco in the Sahara Desert: Here is a trip to the heart of the Moroccan desert for total immersion for 4 days. This 4 days Morocco desert trekking program is ideal for a first hike in the Sahara. Meeting with Sahrawi nomads. A unique adventure in an exceptional setting.



Camel trekking Morocco 4 days

Discover the ancient caravan route with local guides, Sahara nomads, who will tell you the secrets of the desert. On foot, on the backs of camels, admire the golden sand dunes during your camel trekking Morocco in the desert. Discover beautiful desert landscapes during your Morocco camel trekking (erg, regs, trays …). See you also with the nomadic culture and the way of life of Sahrawi nomads. Sahara desert trip.


Day 1: M’hamid – Oued LAATACH – Camel trekking Morocco desert

Early risers can admire a magnificent sunrise over the dunes of the Moroccan desert.

After breakfast, you start your Sahara trek.

Your Morocco camel trek in the desert will take you to the golden dunes, direction Oued Laatache. This Moroccan desert river is now dry. Nevertheless, the trek in the desert will make you discover pretty landscapes punctuated by tamarisks.

Lunch in the desert, in the shade, after a morning walk.

Installation of the mobile bivouac for the night.


Day 2: Erg Zahar – M’hamid desert

After breakfast, once the mobile nomad camp folded, the Morocco desert hike continues. To make this camel trekking in the desert of Morocco an unforgettable trip to the dunes of Erg Zehar, also called the screaming dunes. Enjoy this unique show offered by nature where light, wind, sand mingle to form a poetic painting. Listen to the magic sound emitted by the sliding of the sand reminiscent of a musical instrument …

Installation of the tents at the foot of the big dune.


Day 3: Erg Zehar – Oued Zaair – SIDI NAJI

After breakfast, a departure from the dunes of Erg Zehar, to continue Morocco camel trek to the dunes of Erg Zmila.

Lunch in the desert, in the shade of tamarisk. The time then came to continue your Sahara camel trekking in the desert through a plateau to reach the tomb of Sidi Naji, became a place of pilgrimage. Nomadic tents will be on-site for the night.


Day 4: Camel trek Sahara – Lahnaniche – Ouled Driss – M’hamid

The fourth day of your camel trekking Morocco is devoted to walking in the dunes of Lahnaniche. Accompanied by camels, your hike in the Sahara desert will take you through the dunes before arriving at Ouled Driss. It is a ksar, fortified village (ramparts, towers, inner narrow streets), typical of the Sahara, founded in the seventeenth century. You will go back to M’hamid. End of your camel trekking Morocco program.


*Optional, Sahara desert camp :

  • You can spend the night before your departure trek in our desert camp located in M’hamid. It is recommended, the day before departure for your hike in the desert, to sleep either in M’hamid or in the surroundings.
  • You can also stay at the desert camp for an extra night on the day of your return trek.



How to reach M’hamid for the camel trekking program?

Several solutions exist :


  • By bus. Bus lines provide transport to M’hamid and this of the main cities: Ouarzazate, Marrakech …
  • You can also opt for a shared / private taxi trip.
  • We can arrange the transfer to the desert (private or in a group) by making you enjoy a visit of the beautiful Drâa Valley, typical villages, kasbahs, and the palm grove … if you are interested in this option, contact us for more information.


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