Morocco camel trekking 3 days

Here is a Morocco camel trekking program of 3 days. The departure is at M’hamid. Sahara camel trekking tour with the nomads.



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Program :

Day 1: Departure from M’hamid – trek in the desert – arrival at Krayaat Jmal dunes


Your first day of Morocco camel trekking starts in the morning. In M’hamid are waiting for your guides, Sahrawi nomads, who will accompany you during your trip in the desert. You will also find camels, faithful companions for your trek in the Morocco desert. After having set the turbans (with the help of your guides), you leave for a Sahara camel trekking in the desert of a few hours.


After the lunch taken in the shade of the tamaris, you resume the crossing of a vast desert plateau. Soon, will rise before you, the dunes of Krayaat Jmal. This is where you will end the first day of your Morocco camel trekking in the Sahara. You will mount the tents of your mobile desert camp for the night. Preparation of the meal, dinner around the fire.

Day 2: the dunes of Krayaat Jmal – hiking desert Morocco – until the Erg Khnata

The early risers can admire the rising of the sun in the Sahara. After breakfast, your Morocco camel trekking continues. The tents are folded and the camels are loaded.


The caravan will advance in the desert. Your itinerary will take you first to cross a hamada (plateau covered with volcanic stones) before arriving at Oued Naam where you will find the dunes of the desert. After taking a break and after lunch, recovery of the desert trek to Erg Khnata. Enjoy the extraordinary sunset in the desert … You will spend your second night in the Sahara.


Day 3: Erg Khnata – camel trekking – return to M’hamid

A program of this 3rd day of your Morocco camel trekking in the Sahara, your hike continues towards the Hamada of Drâa (desert plateau with stones). In the afternoon you will be back in M’hamid. Dinner and overnight in our desert camp.



*Optional, Morocco nomadic desert camp :

• You can spend the night before your departure trek in our desert camp located in M’hamid. It is recommended, the day before departure for your hike in the desert, to sleep either in M’hamid or in the surroundings.
• You can also stay at the desert camp for an extra night on the day of your return trek.



How to reach M’hamid for the Morocco desert trek program?


Several solutions exist :

  • By bus. Bus lines provide transport to M’hamid and this of the main cities: Ouarzazate, Marrakech …
  • You can also opt for a shared / private taxi trip.
  • We can arrange the transfer to the desert (private or in a group) by making you enjoy a visit of the beautiful Drâa Valley, typical villages, kasbahs, and the palm grove … if you are interested in this option, contact us for more information.


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