Sahara camel trek Zagora 6 days

Camel trekking Morocco 6 days from Zagora. Discover the big dunes of Chegaga. Camel trek Morocco. Camel trip Morocco.



Camel trekking Morocco 6 days. Chegaga dunes. Sahara camel trek.

Program :

Day 1: Zagora – Oum Laachar

Your Sahara camel trek begins with your arrival in Zagora.

With your guides, local nomads, you will join the place where camels await you and you will spend your first night in the Morocco desert in a desert camp in Umm Laachar.

Day 2: Oum Laachar – Wadi Lamhaser


The next day, you continue your camel trek in the Sahara. Departure with the camels of Oum Laachar and continue your camel trek in the south direction. Your desert hike continues in the morning and after you will have lunch in the shade of tamarisk. After this break, resume the Sahara camel trek.

Night in a desert nomadic camp in Oued Lamhaser.

Day 3: Oued Lamhaser – Erg Laabidlya (Chegaga desert)


In the program of your 4th day of Sahara camel trek, we propose you to discover the Chegaga desert. Hike in the desert until Dayat Chegaga.

It is a place with massive dunes and covers the greenery and flowers after the rainy season. You will spend the night in a nomadic camp at the foot of the Chegaga dunes.

The Erg Chegaga dunes are the biggest ones in Morocco.

Day 4: Erg Laabidlya (Erg Chegaga)


The camel trekking Morocco continues in the heart of the Sahara desert, the majestic Chegaga dunes stretching to infinity. Night in a desert camp at Laatache Oued. On foot or on the back of the camels, it’s up to you to discover the vast expanses of the Moroccan desert and the landscapes that follow one another …

Day 5: Oued Laatache – El Jam


The camel trekking in the Moroccan desert will take you on the 6th day to El Jam. Hiking during the day.

Night in a nomadic tent on dunes offering magnificent views of El Bour.

Day 6: El Jam – Bertam – M’Hamid


After leaving El Bour, you will continue to walk through the Draa Hamada. The hamada is a vast desert rocky plateau covered with stones.

You will be back in the late afternoon to Oued Ben Hakki, Mhamid.

Your Sahara camel trek is coming to an end.


*Optional, Morocco desert camp :

You can stay in our desert camp Mhamid for an extra night on the day of your return trek.


How to reach Zagora for the camel trekking program?


Several solutions exist :


By bus. Bus lines provide transportation to Zagora and this of the main cities: Ouarzazate, Marrakech …
• You can also opt for a shared / private taxi trip.
• We can arrange the transfer to the desert (private or in a group) by making you enjoy a visit of the beautiful Drâa Valley, typical villages, kasbahs, and the palm grove … if you are interested in this option, contact us for more information.



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