Sahara trekking Morocco 4 days – Mhamid

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Sahara trekking Morocco. Camel trek Morocco 4 days from Mhamid. Morocco camel trekking tours. Sahara desert trip.


Sahara trekking Morocco 4 days. Sahara desert trip. Camel trek Morocco from Mhamid. Sahara desert trek Morocco.

Four days to discover the life of the nomads of the Sahara and trek in the Morocco desert, guaranteed immersion!


Program :


Day 1: Sahara trekking Morocco – M’hamid – Oued Ben Hakki – Lahnaniche

Your Sahara trekking in the desert of Morocco begins in the morning with a walk with the camels to Oued Ben Hakki.

You will advance through the dunes of the Sahara, admiring the surrounding landscape, the calm, the silence. After Wadi Ben Hakki, the caravan will continue on its way to Lahnaniche.

Visit of the Kasbah of the old M’hamid. Discover the Kasbah which will mark a break in your Sahara camel trek in the Moroccan desert. You will have the possibility to share a tea with the inhabitants of the Palm Grove. A night under nomadic tents in the Sahara desert.


Day 2: Sahara trekking Morocco – Lahniniche – Sidi Naji

The second day of your camel trekking in the Moroccan desert will make you discover more the Sahara. You will advance in the middle of the dunes with the camels, your faithful companions for this hiking in the Moroccan desert. The Ergs and landscapes follow each other in the middle of the tamaris. You will see the Kraab mountain range located on the Algerian border. The desert camp for the night will be installed not far from the tomb of Sidi Naji, a place of pilgrimage.


Day 3: Sahara desert trek – Sidi Naji – Erg Zahar

The caravan with the camels will continue its way to the big dunes. You will enjoy a camel hike through a pristine nature before reaching the beautiful dunes of Erg Zahar to admire the sunset.

Lunch under the Tamaris. In the afternoon, the Sahara camel trekking Morocco continues, crossing the Grand Reg Lawtid, characterized by a very flat ground. Overnight in a desert camp at Erg Zehar.


Day 4: Erg Zahar – M’hamid

After the night at Erg Zehar, the next day you will catch up with the camels your trekking in the Sahara desert. Your walk will take you back to Mhamid.


*Optional, desert camp Mhamid :

You can spend the night before your departure trek in our desert camp located in M’hamid. It is recommended, the day before departure for your hike in the desert, to sleep either in M’hamid or in the surroundings.
• You can also stay at the desert camp for an extra night on the day of your return trek.



How to reach M’hamid for the Sahara trekking program?


Several solutions exist :


By bus. Bus lines provide transportation to M’hamid and this of the main cities: Ouarzazate, Marrakech …
• You can also opt for a shared / private taxi trip.
• We can arrange the transfer to the desert (private or in a group) by making you enjoy a visit of the beautiful Drâa Valley, typical villages, kasbahs, and the palm grove … if you are interested in this option, contact us for more information.

1 review for Sahara trekking Morocco 4 days – Mhamid

  1. Carol

    I cannot fully describe my gratitude for this experience. I’m not exaggerating when I say it changed how I see myself, humanity, and our place in the cosmos.

    With Mohamed as my guide, I was able to deeply dwell and engage with the endless wonder of the Sahara and it’s people. It is a landscape more grandly mysterious and more deeply beautiful than I ever could have imagined. And I felt so honored to eat, laugh, and wonder alongside those who make this place so unique.

    The night sky in the Sahara feels tangible and near. The stars are so bright and numerous that it is as though one walks, not beneath, but among them. Every day brought new wonders. At one point during my trip, there was a dust storm—an absolutely amazing experience. The dunes seemed to come alive, rearing up and dancing in the wind. Every morning and evening we saw the sun rise and set in a stunning, slowly unfolding explosion of every color imaginable. There were many special moments and sights that I’m sure were the result of Mohamed’s skill as a guide.

    Even though I was traveling alone, I never felt lonely on this trip. It was as if I had always been apart of this family. I was constantly surprised by the care and attention with which they attended to my needs. The food was the best I had during my whole time in Morocco (which is saying something!), and while we ate, we had conversations where I left feeling like a changed, better person.

    I miss you guys so much!! Inshalla (god willing) I will come back. No matter where I go or what I do, I will always have these memories with me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the edge of the cosmos for sharing such an amazing gift as this experience with me.

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