Morocco camel trekking 4 days

What are the types of the Sahara trek? Could the Morocco camel trekking be practiced by all of us? It’s possible to classify the trekking programs in different categories according to the difficulty, the duration, the altitude, the weight of the bag, the degree of autonomy, the distance …The level of difficulty of your Sahara trek will depend on the program of the Morocco desert trekking that you have chosen. It is quite possible to adapt the Sahara camel trekking program according to the physical capacities of each and the group.

If the walk becomes tiring, you can ride on the back of the camel. The Morocco camel desert trekking takes the form of a caravan with camels that carry the necessary equipment and supplies, which saves you from being loaded yourself. It should be noted that walking in the sand is different from walking in the mountains or on flat and solid ground. Adapted equipment is thus to envisage for your camel trekking Morocco.


The Morocco camel trek is a journey through pristine nature, surrounded by silence, dunes stretching out under the sun’s rays as far as the eye can see and an infinite blue sky. The Sahara camel tour, it is the discovery of a particular environment but also the rediscovery of oneself while walking on the road of the caravans. Trekking in the Morocco desert is also breathtaking sunsets, a shining sky of all the stars, a campfire in the midst of the tents set up for the night, the music and the songs of the nomads.


M'hamid Oued Zaair

Camel trekking tour Morocco
This Morocco camel tour for 4-day allows you to spend 3 nights in the Sahara. You will walk in the desert for about 3 to 5 hours per day. You will visit many places: dunes, desert plateaus (hamada). Enjoy this Sahara camel trip with friends!

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M'hamid Erg Zahar

Sahara camel trekking
Erg Zahar is one of the big dunes in the area of the Mhamid desert. It's also called "the screaming dune". Erg Zahar is one of the places to visit during your camel trek. The discovery is possible for those who choose at least a 4-day long tour.

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